Professional Asphalt Installation


The OFMD difference

We know that asphalt is a competitive market and one that we must outperform in order to get noticed. Since we started as a small company, we have always sort of been the underdogs, jostling for position against many larger competitors in a town that had a lot of demand for asphalt and asphalt repair. Through all of this, we shone through and became what we are today because of the attention that we pay to our asphalt installation and Concord driveway paving projects.

Our attention to detail is something that many companies do not have, and we guarantee that our job is one that will last for as long as you own your property. Whether you are commercial or residential, we can guarantee that you will not get a better deal in the area, and perhaps even the country. We will travel far and wide to show you what we can do and give you a price that you will be happy with.

Not just asphalt installation

Not only do we install asphalt but repair it as well. Many of our calls are actually projects that were done by someone else that we have been contracted to fix. Our equipment is second to none in the industry and our willingness to make sure that the job is done correctly is why people have been switching to us from our other larger competitors.

Join our network of satisfied customers and see why we are where we are at today. Why quality work is something that has fallen by the wayside for many companies that are more focused on profits. We promise that our level of work and professionalism is something that is seldom seen in the world today and that we will do our best to ensure that we are putting our money where our mouth is.